Player ID Cards

By Dave Butler

Registration cards and copies of any special dispensations issued by the RFU should be taken to each Club match or festival.


Regulation 15.2.2 clearly states that : Registration cards and copies of any special dispensations issued by the RFU should be taken to each Club match or festival. Team managers must produce these documents for inspection by the opposition or match officials if requested.

This issue has been widely discussed around the County over the past season; there have been numerous e-mail circulations and reminders on the topic which have been sent to Club Secretaries; the Mini-Junior Chairs and to Club CSOs. Clubs should have discussed this issue at their committee meetings.

I find it difficult to believe that any club in Yorkshire is not aware of this regulations and the guidance that the CB have given to all clubs.

That advice is : that for all games, team coaches should have their registration cards available and that they should request the registration cards of the opposing team - including documentary evidence of any dispensations that are being applied - before the game is allowed to begin. By checking the cards coaches, who have the duty of care for the young players on the day, can confirm that all those playing in the games are properly registered and are playing in the correct Age Grade. In the absence of ID cards individual players should not be allowed to participate and in the case of whole teams without cards, the fixture should not take place.

Coaches should have been doing this throughout last season and should have started this season with an expectation that they would do so again this season.

The County decided to make sure all clubs were aware of their responsibilities after a series of incidents in the 2009-10 season which involved the RFU investigating incidents which involved players who were not properly registered and/or who were playing in the wrong age grade. To resolve these problems all clubs were instructed to make sure that they complied with Regulation 15.2.2 and their coaches checked the ID cards.

It is essential that all Age Grade teams have ID cards in place for next Sunday's fixtures and that you coaches understand and follow the procedure for checking cards of the opposition

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