Guideline for Spectators & Parents

By Dave Butler

Standard guidelines regarding the conduct of Spectators and Parents apply (See Code of Conduct Cards and Code of Rugby)

Guideline for Spectators & Parents

Pitch area:
Where possible pitches should be cordoned off by either a barrier, rope or other suitable objects.

If only one side of the pitch can be cordoned off, then this should be where all spectators are.

Only coaches, physiotherapists, First-aiders and substitutes of the teams involved should be inside any cordoned off areas.

If a barrier is not available, it is the responsibility of the home club to ensure that spectators are kept back from the side of the pitch at all times during the game. Ideally at least 1 metre from the touchline.

These guidelines are for the safety of all involved, both on and off the field, and should be upheld by the clubs as much as possible.

Should there be any issues relating to safety or the conduct of spectators or parents, the referee of the game has the right to request that the club deals with the matter immediately.
Should there be further instances the referee may ask the offending persons to leave the area and may delay the game until such actions have been taken.

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